Mission, Values, and Objectives



Mission, Values, and Objectives Define our Existence


Dane Construction exists to provide meaningful employment for people to become successful while building a better world.

Our company motto, Do the Right Thing, uses the Mission Statement and our Core Values & Objectives as its base and captures the spirit and energy that inspire our employees to be successful.

Mission Statement


Our mission is to be successful.

Company Motto


Do the right thing. These simple words say everything about a career at Dane Construction. They go right to the heart of the  company’s passion for excellence and continual improvement. They give our employees a benchmark when a standard is difficult to define.

Core Values


  • Fairness & Respect: Our fellow employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors shall be treated with fairness & respect.
  • Good Neighbor:  Our community shall find us to be a good neighbor.
  • Environment:  We shall protect the environment.
  • Do the right thing:  We are committed to doing the right thing at all times.
  • Teamwork:  We will work as a team with all project stakeholders.
  • Greatness:  We are committed to being a great company.
  • Accountability:  All employees will be held accountable for their assigned responsibilities.
  • Employees: Our employees will be rewarded for their job skills, productivity, innovation, growth & the ability to be a team player.  They will be expected to share their ideas, job skills and mentor new employees.
  • Safety: We are all responsible for the safety of our employees, subcontractors and the public.  Our equipment will be well-maintained in a safe condition.
  • Customers: Our customers will receive a quality product, at a fair price.
  • Continual improvement: We will encourage continual improvement and profit growth.  We will recruit and retain the best people and provide them with training and education.  We will develop professional leaders.
  • Relationships:  We will develop long-standing relationships with owners and partners.  We will be an understanding and respected partner who adds value to all relationships.